Black Friday Week: 6 tips to make your company stand out!

Companies that want to stand out and consolidate themselves in the market can take advantage of the Black Friday week to boost sales. However, for the opportunity to be advantageous, it is necessary to know how to highlight the company’s performance.

After all, several enterprises take advantage of the opportunity to advertise cheaper products. If this is done without defining an efficient strategy, the business may not achieve the proposed objectives.

With that in mind, in this article, you will see 6 tips to highlight the company and increase sales during Black Friday week. Let’s go?

Why participate in Black Friday?

Black Friday is an event that happens once a year, usually on the last Friday of November. On that day, companies offer their products and services with discounts and easy payment methods.

The main advantage of participating in this event is the possibility of increasing business sales . Black Friday also provides the chance to attract and win new customers.

After all, the day is marked by a lot of expectation by consumers. Countless people wait for the date to purchase products and services with more attractive prices. Therefore, Black Friday is an opportunity to create campaigns, highlight the brand and convert sales.

In Brazil, many companies expand the discounts for the whole week, aiming to take advantage of the opportunities even more. Following this path brings even more visibility and revenue to the business, as consumers have more time to take advantage of the offers.

6 Tips to highlight the company and sell more in the week of Black Friday

Now that you know why participating in Black Friday can boost your company, it’s time to understand how to stand out at the event. Check out 6 tips to sell more this week!

1. Plan the campaign

The first tip to participate in the Black Friday week is to plan the campaign in advance. It is necessary to define a good sales strategy, considering enough time to execute it efficiently.

Planning should involve choosing the products and services to be offered and calculating the discounts applied — while still maintaining profit margins. It is also necessary to evaluate the stock to understand if the company should make new purchases.

This process must be done carefully, allowing everything to occur as scheduled until the date of the campaign.

2. Set goals

An important planning step is to define the goals that the company intends to achieve with Black Friday. If the company has already participated in other campaigns of this type, it will be easier to define the objectives.

The tip, at this point, is to think of specific and measurable goals, such as:

  • number of sales made;
  • total billing;
  • total profit earned.

After defining these points, it is possible to move on to other goals, such as customer loyalty. If the company has not yet participated in previous editions of Black Friday, it is worth carrying out market research to better understand the opportunities.

The data obtained can be crossed with the business information. This allows you to stipulate realistic estimates and set achievable goals.

3. Study the competitors

As Black Friday generates a lot of expectations among consumers, competitors will also be interested in promoting discounts to attract customers. Therefore, to stand out, it is worth understanding what other managers are doing.

To do so, evaluate what the main market competitors are promoting and how they intend to position themselves on the day. This step is essential to establish more advantageous discounts and gain consumer preference.

4. Use social media

This tip is essential to highlight the company and sell more during Black Friday week. Take advantage of social media engagement to spread the campaign and reach more people.

To ensure the success of the strategy, invest time and effort in creating creative and relevant content. After all, posts that are fun, informative and interesting increase the chances of being shared.

In this way, people will send offers in WhatsApp groups, tag friends on Instagram and Facebook, among other actions. This allows optimizing the contact with potential interested in the services or products offered.

In addition to organic promotion on social networks, it is worth investing in paid media. This strategy can be useful for segmenting posts and making ads reach the target audience of interest.

There are several platforms that allow you to campaign with the payment of ads, such as:

  • Google Ads;
  • Facebook Ads;
  • Instagram Ads;
  • Twitter Ads.

To create a database of people interested in the offers, it is important to get the consumer to register. With the lead’s e-mail, for example, it is possible to notify them about promotions.

5. Create urgency triggers

Urgency triggers are widely used in Black Friday campaigns. It is about the possibility of creating a sense of need in the consumer and converting his interest into sales.

To succeed in this strategy, you need to use persuasive language and make customers feel that they will not have another chance if they miss the offer. An efficient way to do this is to use specific calls to action, such as:

  • discounts of up to 70% for a limited time;
  • today only: free shipping on all purchases;
  • hot flash sale for Black Friday.

6. Take advantage of Black Friday to consolidate your business image

Another tip is to take advantage of the fact that the company will be highlighted during the Black Friday week to improve the business image. For this, it is feasible to focus on the benefits and differentials of products or services.

In addition, the team needs to pay attention to after-sales. This step allows you to have lasting results and can make the customer recommend the business or buy again, even after Black Friday.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that it is essential to be honest in the offers. Increasing product prices and offering a discount that maintains the original value is a practice that compromises the company’s image.

This attitude is also no longer tolerated by consumers and can generate exposure on the internet. As a result, there is a tendency to have sales below expectations and loss of customers in the short and long term. So the business must work on realistic and transparent offers.

With these 6 tips, the company can better prepare to stand out in the Black Friday week. In this way, it is possible to make more sales and gain new customers, who may become loyal to the brand.

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